Our Banking History

Join us and our millions of clients around the world.

Metabetics Bank, is an investment bank and one of Europe’s leading private investment banker. As part of Metabetics Bank, we draw on our global experience from being active in Europe and from our years of banking history.

Although the world banks are different today, we’re still leading the way with our international and long-standing experience in banking. It’s why we’re always ready to help you bank better, today and tomorrow.

Globally connected, locally involved.

Helping our clients prosper goes further than easy-to-use banking services. At Metabetics, we invest in communities throughout the Europe. with a focus on uplifting underserved communities and supporting higher education. In 2017, we created a 5-year $500,000.00 Inclusive Communities Plan and have since been delivering on our goals.

Going Further Than Most. 

We have satisfied One Million Clients globally. We have received over $7.1 Billion USD in the last four business cycle alone. We have attained 2.8 Billion in UK assets in the last ten years. We have inheritance fund in our save keeping for families around the world. We have family heirloom in our secured debosit boxes in safe vaults in the UK, the US, South Africa, Sweden, Canada, Isreal and the UAE.