The Four Step Process

Step 1

Understand your goals.
We’ll start by meeting with you, virtually or in person, to understand your current financial situation and discuss your short- and long-term goals.

Step 2

Develop a customized strategy.
With your objectives in mind, we’ll build a financial plan that fits your risk tolerance, time horizon, and other personal factors.

Step 3

Monitor your plan.
We’ll routinely monitor your plan to help keep you on track, and make new recommendations based on market and economic insights.

Step 4

Support along your journey.
Your goals may evolve at different life stages. We’ll support you with tailored investment advice every step of the way.

Bank with the digital confidence of Metabetics PROTECHTION.

Banks have to be good at two things. Respect and Math. In the digital world, we add protection to the equation. Digital banking with Metabetics PROTECHTION gives you digital controls for cards, alerts, and more.

Manage cards with confidence.

Easily activate debit and credit cards, put misplaced cards on hold, report them lost or stolen, and request replacements. Also change or create your ATM, debit, or credit card PIN right from your mobile device.

Keep track with account alerts.

In addition to customizable account alerts for Deposit, Debit, Low Balance, and Available Credit, you have the option to add five new card alerts, from International to Card-Not-Present-at-a-Transaction alerts. Set up alerts in Mobile and Online Banking today.

Count on our Mobile and Online Banking Guarantee.

Our Digital Banking Guarantee2 protects you from loss resulting from fraud, which means that we’ll cover any loss you incur due to unauthorized activity when you promptly notify us.