Car Loan - With interest rates as low as 8.55% p.a. and a repayment tenure of up to 8 years, you can find the most suitable car loan for your needs at Metabetics. You can take the loan for 90% to 100% of the on-road price of the car.

Types of Car Loan Interest Rates - Fixed and Floating

Car loan interest rates can be fixed or floating in nature. A fixed interest rate refers to a rate which remains constant throughout the loan tenure. Factors like market fluctuations do not affect fixed interest rates. On the other hand, a floating interest rate is a type of rate that keeps getting modified as per changing trends in the financial market.

Service benefits

We have an interest rates as low as 8.55% p.a..

  • Interest rate is higher.
  • Interest rate is lower
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Floating interest rates