Metabetics offers financing for medium and large businesses, including obtaining long-term business loans in the EU countries of 50 million euros or more. European credit market plays an important role in the external financing of large businesses. An efficient and well-developed loan agreement market helps enterprises create value for shareholders. Long-term business loans allow companies to lower the cost of capital, making an impressive impact on the main factors influencing business value. European banks support large-scale financing investment projects and operating activities, both in the EU and the rest of the world, expanding the geography of European business. We have been providing financial services for medium and large businesses in Europe for many years.

For every key moment of your growth: digitalisation, internationalisation, debt refinancing, communication, renovation, recruitments, company acquisition or sustainability investing, we offer you a large range of financing solutions.

Service benefits

What is long-term business loan: definition, features and international practice.

  • Issuance of business loans.
  • Provision and confirmation of bank guarantees.
  • Opening and confirmation of letters of credit.
  • Check and transfer operations and operations with warrants.